Chroma Key - You go now - 2000


This American band can be placed besides groups of modern rock as Radiohead, The Gathering, the last Marillion or Porcupine Tree in "Stupid dream" and "Lightbulb sun", with its resemblance's and differences. Chroma Key is Kevin Moore's band, ex-Dream Theater’s excellent exkeyboardist, who takes charge of the voices, keyboards and bass, and guitarist David Iscove. In 1998 they released their first work "Dead air for radios" that was very well received by the mainstream press as a good example of electronic rock, that we know has a strong dose of hidden progressive influences.


Two years later, the formation has returned to the market with "You go now", an album that shows the maturity of Moore without moving away from the patterns of the former work. Atmospheric sounds of keyboards a la Floyd in "Meddle", rhythms and electronic percussion (more powerful than in the former album) and collages and motley and dark sound yokels. It is a similar work to "Lightbulb sun" of the Porcupine, but much more dark, with brilliant compositions, a great virtuosity to the production, intimate atmospheres, easy to digest, of dark blue and gray patterns of a perfect elegance, although it doesn't come close to the heights of the band of Wilson.

"Get back in the car" (5:02) is the best example, a piece that moves in a mid tempo with an excellent sound quality, strongly leaning in the rhythm section, marking with firm feet the steps, hugging soft keyboards, sound effects, and a voice that surprises, fitting to perfection with a melancholic tone of great merit. "Another permanent address" (5:03) delivers some more speed and introduces a powerful guitar that mixes with the fingers of a Moore that seems to be playing a love game with the keyboards, caressing them gently. We don't find, neither we will, in this album broken fragments modeled as the old progressive usage, it is a lineal but intense work, with rock of great quality and suggestive. "Nice to know" (4:28) follows the pattern, serving a perfect digestive third dish. The project of this excellent keyboard player follows with disturbing music with pieces like "Lunar" (3:14) that surprise for its simple perfection. "When you drive" (5:24) is another beautiful piece with many samples, including the vocals, male and female of diverse registrations. "Subway" (4:34) takes the CD to one of its most intense benchmarks, and we don't speak of intensity sound but of emotions. With a storm of keys and synthesizers that will make you shiver. This last part of the CD is perfect to be heard under a summer night full of stars. It is a certainly astrological part. The typical astronaut voices fill "Please hang up" (1:56) and the dynamic "Astronaut down" (4:56) that accelerate to the maximum this sound satellite that seems not to stop surprising, with a magnificent rhythm section, coming closer now to the genre, from the more neo side. "You go now" (4:23) closes the album in the best way, with an exercise of controlled improvisation of many of the elements used in the album and mainly leaving us the sign of emotion.


In summary, a good work of modern electronic-progressive-psychedelic rock, in which there are moments with good ideas and interesting developments, but that in general becomes a little boring because the sound should be impelled with more aggressiveness. A correct album.

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Jordi Costa - August 2000 -   - SPV