celeste - il principe del regno perduto - 2020




After the 2019 album “Il Risveglio Del Principe“ Celeste is back with another album full of delicate and pastoral prog. If I tell you that our friends Edmondo Romano and Alessandro Serri from the band Ancient Veil are listed as guests in the booklet, you will know that we have to do with an album that has an atmosphere which can be found on the mellow side of the progressive rock spectrum. And yes, also this wonderful album has been released by the Italian label Mellow Records. The driving force behind Celeste is of course Ciro Perrino. If you have a look at the listing of all the (Analog) keyboards he is using for this album, you will know enough. It will make the heart of the fan of (retro) Prog from the seventies leap for joy. The new album is entitled "Il Principe del Regno Perduto" and is a real gem.


Ciro Perrino - Mellotron, Solina, Eminent, Elka Rhapsody, Farfisa, Hammond Organ, Mini Moog, Arp 2600, Arp Odyssey, piano, small percussion, Lead vocals; Francesco Bertone - Electric bass; Enzo Cioffi - drums; Sergio Caputo - violin; Marco Moro - flutes, recorders, Tenor sax, Bariton sax; Mauro Vero - Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar    

Marco Canepa - piano; Paolo Maffi - Soprano sax, Alt sax, Tenor sax; Anna Marra - vocals in "Baie Distanti", "L'Ultimo Viaggio del Principe", "Tornerai Tramonto", "Viola, Arancio e Topazio"; Edmondo Romano - Soprano sax, Clarinet, Blowpipe, Duduk, Low whistle; Alessandro Serri - vocals in "L'Ultimo Viaggio del Principe", Electric guitar in "Tornerai Tramonto".

Ciro  Carlo Antonio Perrino -  Reciting voice in "Tornerai Tramonto"


The album opens with the angelic voice of Anna Marra. That angelic voice and the percussion give the opening a pastoral atmosphere. Along the way, the number of instruments used is gradually expanded. The combination of all the acoustic instruments, woodwinds, and fine drums and percussion together with a lush keyboard orchestration transports us to prog heaven. A fine opener that shows us the overall mellow atmosphere of this wonderful album. After those first nine minutes is it time for the Magnus Opus of this album. "L'Ultimo Viaggio del Principe" is a suite of almost 25 minutes. This varied piece of music has it all. The piano and the soprano voice give a more classical touch to the music and we are spoiled with a beautiful violin solo of Sergio Caputo. The orchestrations on this album are wonderful. Like Tom Doncourt, Ciro Perrino is a master on the Mellotron and string-related keyboards. But Ciro Perrino is the master of the mellow and pastoral RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano). You can find wonderful melodies in this epic track. Only for this suite, you have to buy this album. The next piece "(Il) Ceruleo Sogno" has in the first part a jazzy atmosphere by the saxophone but later on, this piece is developing into one of my favorite tracks because of the breathtaking (Mellotron) string melodies. "Viola, Arancio e Topazio" is a piece with great diversity. The acoustic guitar, the jazzy saxophone, the classical instruments like the piano and violin, the keyboard strings, the rich rhythm section, the beautiful voice at the end, it is just a melting pot of atmospheres. "Il Passaggio di un Gigante Gentile" is a composition with more powerful instrumentation. Another personal highlight is the following track "Tornerai Tramonto". You will find the most beautiful flute melodies, delicate piano parts, lovely keyboard strings, a fine sax solo, lush Mellotron, nice violin, the duduk of Edmondo Romano, the beautiful voices of Anna Marra and Alessandro Serri, and last but not least the atmospheric reciting voice of Ciro Carlo Antonio Perrino in this wonderful track. The album comes to a worthy end with the song "Nora" which has a beautiful instrumentation. I would also mention the fine rhythm section that can be heard on the whole album. A deep and full bass sound and drums and percussion that nowhere is over the top sounding.


"Il Principe del Regno Perduto" the fifth studio album of Celeste is absolutely one of the most beautiful albums of the year 2020 (it was released in December 2020). An album with diverse and beautiful instrumentation and full of great melodies. Overall, the atmosphere of the music is on the mellow side of the progressive rock spectrum. It is a real gem for the lovers of mellow and pastoral RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano). Highly recommended by progVisions.

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