Circles End - In dialogue with the moon - 2001


"In dialogue with the moon" is, practically, the debut album of this Norwegian band. Before this CD the band only released a LP in 1998. Although this CD has been released last year, this album is a great starting point for the band that deserves an extended review.

First I´m going to introduce you to Circles End´s members:

Karl Riis Jacobsen - vocals, Omar Emanuel Johnsen - guitars, Bottleneck, Ebow and vocals, Trond Lunden - Spanish and electric guitars, Ebow and vocals, Goran Kristiansen - Bass and Jarle Anders Pettersen - Drums and percussion. With the help from Kristian Landmark - synthesizers and Lars Chr.Folkvord - violin


The first impression after listening to this CD is that this is a real progressive rock album, with all the elements of the genre, progression in the music with lots of nuances and elaborated arrangements. A good rock base merged with jazz and funky elements. Good melodies and intricate rhythms provide this CD a restful enjoyment. In the same way the CD is neither too much complex nor simple.

Some reviewers stated that some influences could been from bands such as Anekdoten, Echolyn and King Crimson. I agree with that but I think that the most important influence is King Crimson´s "Larks´Tongues in Aspic" era, mainly in the rhythm section. But still, it is a work with high doses of creativity blended with the earlier mentioned and probably other unperceived influences.

I would like to remark the drummer´s work, colorful and with a lot of nuances. But the whole band has a high skill, with two guitar players with lots of personality and a vocalist with a deep voice that perfectly fits with the band´s sound.

For me, one of the better things of this CD is the naturalness of its sound. With a good CD player you´ll think you are enjoying this music in a small place where you are the sole spectator. I don´t mean this CD has a "live recording" sound, but the sound is more authentic and pure. The overdose of technology in current productions makes that CD's like this has a charming sound.


I know there had been changes in the lineup, but now the most important thing for them is that this band shouldn´t be an ephemeral project and they must keep on working in the right direction. Usually there are bands which release good and promising CD's disbanding later on...
I hope this won´t be the case with Circles End.

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