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“... building bridges between Pop and Prog...”


Clouds Can is the Progressive Pop project of Thomas Thielen, who as you know is making very interesting Progressive Rock albums under the moniker t and Dominik Hüttermann. Two German multi-instrumentalists/singers who happens to have been good friends for more than 20 years now. After brainstorming for years it was now time to make that big album together. The idea on this album is trying to be all short pop singles and easy listening and such. Well if you know the excellent work of t, you will know that a short song for Thomas would be a song with a duration of around the ten minutes. So in the end only eight tracks fitted on this album that is entitled “Leave”. So that means that the duration of the songs is between the five and seven minutes each. The information sheet is speaking of a caleidoscope of emotional sketches: sarcasm, melancholy, self irony, longing, bitterness, nostalgia, frustration and hope. The album has been released on the Progressive Promotion Records label.


Dominik Hüttermann and t both play things and sing. Composed all the music and lyrics and are responsible for the mixing and the arrangements on this album.


On “Leave” you can find the following tracks; “This Dream Of Mine”, “All We Are I Am Not”, “Life Is Strange”, “On The Day You Leave”, “Like Any Angel”, “A Change Of Heart” , “Insomnia” and “Always Forever”.

As a reviewer of progressive rock releases I noticed a strange phenomenon. Now that progressive rock is more recognized by the mainstream audience, several musicians out of the progressive rock scene are building bridges between the Progressive Rock and Pop worlds. The best known example is of course the latest album of Steven Wilson. When I listen to this wonderful Clouds Can album I get the feeling that I am listening to a light version of a t album. Musically speaking, the lyrics are still a melting pot of sarcasm, self irony, bitterness and frustration. But the music sounds fresh, airy and is accessible and full of melody.

Both musicians are singing and you can find lovely choirs on this album. Next to the big sounds like in the ending of “Life Is Strange” you can also find delicate sung parts full of melancholy. Just listen to the wonderful track “On The Day You Leave”. Love the melodies and the orchestrations, beautiful track. Talking about orchestrations and great melodies the next track “Like Any Angel” is also very nice. “A Change Of Heart” is also a Pop influenced song with lovely vocal harmonies. But another song called “Insomnia” is more into the vein of a regular t album. Frantic rhythms, aggressive guitars and full blown keyboard orchestrations make a nice contrast with the vocal parts. So you see, it is an album full of dramatic contrasts.


The album “Leave” from the Clouds Can project is a wonderful album that is far more accessible in comparison with a standard t album. Clouds Can surprised me with a great album full of nice melodies and wonderful vocals and choirs. Hopefully this project can also generate more interest in the t portfolio of Thomas Thielen. The music on “Leave” sounds fresh, airy, accessible and is full of melody. Like the t portfolio this Clouds Can album “Leave” is highly recommended by progVisions. Just check it out.

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