Carptree - Nymf - 2010



I waited
After a long time my thoughts had turned almost silent
Then I could finally hear the sound
A feeling I heard as words
It sounded almost like “now”
My eyes became aware
I looked
I saw yellow mayflies rise into the air
There I was


You are listening to “Land of Plenty” one of the strong opening tracks of the album “Nymf”, the fifth album of the Swedish Carptree. The two forces behind Carptree are Niclas Flinck & Carl Westholm. Together they are the composers of the music. While Niclas wrote the lyrics, Carl did all the programming and has arranged/ produced the album. They are accompanied by the “No Future Orchestra”. “Nymf” is the sequel to the previous album “Insekt”.


Niclas Flinck - Lead vocals; Carl Westholm - Piano, Grand Piano and Synthesizers

No Future Orchestra:
Ulf Edelönn - Acoustic Electric Guitars; Stefan Fandén - Bass, Bouzouki, Fretless E-bow and additional Guitars; Cia Backman - Background Vocals, Öivin Tronstad - Backing Vocals; Jejo Perkovic - Drums


The album has a very strong opening with the three tracks “Kicking and Collecting”, “Land of Plenty” and “The Weight of the Knowlegde”. At that moment you will have been blown away by the band ... and completely into the music (story) of “Nymf”. The opener “Kicking and Collecting” shows a band that has the power to get the atention of the listener. The first cords are intruiging and direct the tention builds up to the first heavy outburst with fat synthesizer sounds on a bed of drums. The delicate sung lyrics make a nice contrast. I love the fat synthesizer solo at the end of that first overwhelming track. The next strong track is called “Land of Plenty”. In this piece the tention of the melodic music slowly builds up to a heavy ending with catchy vocal refrains. The keyboard orchestrations are great. The track seamless goes into “The Weight of the Knowlegde”. Please listen to the beautiful classical piano parts which are woven into the music. The music gets very symphonic with another fat synthesizer solo on top of a broad bed of keyboard ochestration. With Niclas Flinck the band has a fantastic vocalist. He sings with a lot of passion. At this point the listener will be confinced that “Nymf” is a very strong album. But it is not over yet! The band continues with “Dragonfly” which has a nice opening with Grand Piano. The military drums are building up the tension of the music ... but the band suddenly follows with a delicate vocal part. This gives a nice contrast to the music that later on becomes very intense and symphonic. “Dragonfly” is a fantastic song with a great diversity in dynamics. “Between Extremes” is a short instrumental prelude with orchestral music that swells into a climax. Then follows “Sunrays” which combines delicate and melodic vocal lines with the great keyboard orchestrations of Carl Westholm, very impressive. The album closes with a delicate song called “Water” which has beautiful vocal lines and a last delicate and melodic synthesizer solo.


Carptree made a very strong album with “Nymf”. If you like the symphonic side of progressive rock, this album is for you. The album is more keyboard dominated and Carl Westholm impresses with beautiful keyboard orchestrations and fat synth solos. The vocals of Niclas Flinck are also very strong. Beautiful melodies and sung with great passion. The only minus is that the album only counts fortyfour and a half minute. But on the other side the album has no weak parts. For me “Nymf” is the best album that the band has made so far.

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Douwe Fledderus - October 2010 -   - Fosfor Creation