Fella & Consorzio Acqau Potabile - Coraggio e Mistero - 2016



“... a nice addition to the RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) catalog ...”


The name CAP, the abbreviation of Consorzio Acqua Postabile, has generated some nice memories in my mind. Let's go back in time, precisely to the year 2003 . The Italian band CAP was attending a lovely progressive rock festival in Tiana, a congregation of Barcelona (Spain). At that time I was invited to visit the festival as a representative of the Dutch label Xymphonia Records, the label of the Catalan band Dr. No. As graphic designer I did also the artwork for their new album “El Bufo de la Cort”. Besides the bands The Knife, Dr. No and CAP the Spanish band Atila had a kind of reunion and was headlining this wonderful festival. This band gave a very passionate and intense performance. For me Atila and CAP were the highlights of that festival. CAP had at that time eight members and they played almost their new album “Il Banco Regno Di Dooah” in it's entirety. I still have that limited edition of “Il Bianco Regno Di Dooah” that was housed in a little wooden box. To be honest, I lost track of the band, and was surprised to receive a new album entitled “Coraggio e Mistero”. An album that was born from a partnership with Jumbo singer Alvaro Fella and is released by the Italian label Black Widow Records.


Alvaro Fella - lead vocal, back vocal, acoustic 6 & 12 strings guitar; Maurizio Mercandino - lead vocal, back vocal, acoustic 6 & 12 strings guitar, bouzouki guitar; Silvia Carpo - "cat’s” lead vocal, witch vocal, back vocal, medieval recorders; Chicco Mercandino - wizard electric guitar, Gibson 355 stereo electric guitar, Tumiatti electric guitar, and he played also with violin-bow vs dogs; Massimo Gorlezza - Gibson les paul custom electric guitar, Ovation acoustic guitar; Maurizio “Mux” Mussolini - drum Gretsch catalina ash, ufy and istanbul cymbals; Luigi “Gigi” Secco - Rickenbacker 403 fireglo electric bass, Eko b55 fretless bass, Moog taurus III; Enrico Venegoni - piano, Fender Rrhodes mark II, Mellotron m400 (flute, strings and choirs); Maurizio Venegoni - Hammond l122, leslie lombardi 200w, minimoog model d 1972, fbc sinter 2000 vintage sinth, Prophet 12 sinth, flute & bassoon (midiwind), highland bagpipe, Breton bombard.


The album is entitled “Coraggio e Mistero” (Courage and Mystery) and you can find the following tracks on this wonderful album; “Coraggio e Mistero”, “Io ti Canto”, “Tra le Scale e Il Cielo”, “La Strada”, “La Notte e il Mulino Di Al”, “Ciao Alvaro (Dove Vai?)”, “Il Cervo e La Fonte” and the bonus track “Sette e Trenta (Di Martina)”.

The album opens with the long (12:00) title track “Coraggio e Mistero”. The music has a great diversity and could be described as typical Italian progressive rock. I am sure that fans of PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) will love this album. Personally I am not familiar with the work of Jumbo singer Alvaro Fella. But on this album he brings a very passionate contribution. He is performing in a theatrical way. To be honest I had to become familiar with his expressive voice first before I could enjoy this album to the fullest.

Musically there is much to enjoy on this album. “Io Ti Canto” opens with a classical piano. If you look at the list of instruments used you can imagine the diversity of the music. All those keyboards from the seventies, the acoustic guitars, the violin, the flute and recorders. The flute has a big role in the track “Tra Le Scale E Il Cielo”. Through this I had to think of the music of a band like Jethro Tull. But CAP's music is often more diverse in this great track.

Like an orchestra “La Strada” has a very classical opening. Besides the passionate vocals of Alvaro you can find some beautiful keyboard and guitar parts in this track. In the end the Hammond adds a jazzy element to this song.

Then it is time for the long suite of this album “La Notte E Il Mulino Di Al”. With a duration of more than 20 minutes this suite is the epic of this album. Several times the tension of the music is slowly building up towards a climax before the band introduce the next musical theme. You better sit down for this one, what a diversity in one single track. Together with the title track “Coraggio E Mistero” this “La Notte E Il Mulino Di Al” is the highlight of the album.

After this long track the bands slows down a little bit with the delicate “Ciao Alvaro (Dove Vai?)”. You can enjoy beautiful acoustic and classical guitars parts in this song. In the opening of the next song “Il Cervo E La Fonte” the vocals are not so hectic and theatrical and you can discover some great melodies. Later on the tension of the music is building up again together with more theatrical vocals. In my opinion those variations makes the song more interesting and stronger. The album closes with the bonus track “Sette E Trenta (Di Mattinata)” which has some jazzy guitar work.


What a surprise that The Italian CAP or Consorzio Acqua Potabile is still making music. This album is a nice addition to the RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) catalog. If you know the band from their earlier work or are into bands like PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) and Banco del Mutuo Soccorso this one is for you. Highly recommended to the fans of Italian progressive rock of the seventies.

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