Blue Universe - Entre el sueño y la Vigilia - 2003


To those who think that lately we´ve been reviewing lots of Argentinean (and latin american) releases at progVisions, I´d tell them that this attitude is not forced by anything. There are lots of new releases beyond Atlantic Ocean showing us (some with more quality than others) that the genre is still alive there. Spain should learn.


It´s time to review “Entre el sueño y la vigilia” by Blue Universe, pseudonymous that hides the Argentinean musician Sebastián Woscoboinik, a stick player who sings a fistful of interesting tracks. I like the sound of the stick, even more when the player doesn´t come from Crimson family tree. I´m not against King Crimson, but the experimentation of its musicians is close to snobbism. On the contrary Sebastián doesn´t want to experiment with bizarre compositions.. he simply plays with melodies, rhythms, and sounds, so the Cd is interesting and pleasant.

The first track “Camino a casa” (6:00) is a little bit shocking because it´s too ethereal, almost new age. A nice and atmospheric track. The first good song is “Matrix” (4:44)... a song dedicated to the successful film that even contains a short dialogue. The track has amazing and organic arrangements with a cybernetic halo. There are parts more aggressive, so this song is very descriptive and perfectly fits into the film´s concept. “Mientras caigo al vacio” (6:07) is the optimistic title of the third track: six minutes only with stick sounds (the previous tracks included percussions) and Sebastián shows the sound palette of the instrument. A song greatly composed, arranged and performed. That´s all. In “Mar de Silicio” (6:05) Sebastián plays (sic) “electronic tools”. Well, it´s not a mistery at all. It´s simpy a song a la Jean Michel Jarre (“Oxygene” or “Rendez-Vous”) very electronic. After the silicon sea it´s time for a “Cielo Líquido” (9:07), with the collaboration of the 12 string guitar player and percussionist Mariano Enriquez. A quiet song that reminds me to the most atmospheric Marillion as the guitar and stick play over the rhythms. It´s hard for me to review the following son g... if I had to save a The Beatles song it would be “Across the Universe” and Sebastián changes the title for “Across the (Blue) Universe” (4:28), and it´s the only song sung by the strange voice of Sumaia Daher. Well.. I don´t want to be cruel but the cover is too “free”, Sumaia´s voice is too “free”, and the concept is very “free”. A sort of Björk meets Nawja Nimri & Carlos Jean. The sadness is over while I listen to the great stick arrangements of “Martillando mi cerebro” (3:45) and I forgot the cover as I listen to the cold delicateness of “Solo Cenizas” (4:09). The last track (twelve minutes) is “El resplandor / La Obscuridad”. Sweet, beautiful, melancholic and atmospheric, with a dark piano that enrichments the composition. But after the suite we can listen to “Silence – Fade Out / Firth of Fifth” (7:10). The title “Silence” says it all, silence. And the piano intro, recorded alive in 1999, is great.

The artwork is also very interesting with all kind of alternative artworks (photographs and pictures), lines about Chapman Stick, etc.


If you want to get into the Stick´s world in a peaceful way, without bizarre and martian sounds, this album is for you. But if you only want to listen to lyrical, atmospheric, or simply nice music, you´ll get satisfied with this album (I don´t know if it´s the debut album) by Sebastián Woscoboinik, a really good work if we forget Lennon-McCartney´s cover. If you want to contact the

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