Brave - Searching for the Sun - 2002


Firstly I have to warn you because Brave is the band formerly known as Arise from Thorns. After a couple of good self released albums, the first one with the name of the band and the second entitled “Before an audience of stars”, the band signed for Dark Symphonies and changed its name into Brave. The new label, as an appetizer re-released the second album and a mini CD, with the new name, entitled “Waist deep in dark waters”. If you want to have further information about the band, please read the interviews and reviews already published at progVisions.


And, well, here we got the first Brave´s album. Eleven brand new tracks in less than an hour where the bands keep on offering its particular blend of acoustic and melancholic atmospheres and restrained energy, everything with Michelle´s voice as main star.

To be honest I don´t understand the change of the name; I mean, the music is more varied and has more arrangements, better sound and production, etc., but on the contrary I haven´t notice any change of style. As I stated, the arrangements and the presence of keyboards provide the tracks with more personality than the previous tracks. But that´s all.

When I reviewed the Mini-Cd I stated that the last two tracks showed a band that wanted to search new ways of musical expression. In “Searching for the Sun” the band doesn't dare to keep on searching those ways and the compositions are not very risky. There is something new in “Out of Focus” and “Trapped inside”, and, in general, there are more varied rhythms. The negative point is that it seems as if they are very (perhaps extremely) comfortable playing a style that although it´s very original (indeed it is), it should be developed. The early albums were a blow of fresh air and in this one the production and arrangements give it some dynamism, but if they go on with this style maybe in the next album the formula would be a little bit boring, and that´ll be a pity. Also Michelle should add more shades to her vocal palette. That wonderful voice deserves that.


The band plays a very gentle style, so this album is easy to listen and assimilate. Now Arise from Thorns is Brave, but life goes on anyway.

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Alfonso Algora - August 2003 -   - Dark Symphonies