Blue Flux - Millions are numb - 1999


After releasing a handful of CDs in few years and the release of "The beach" (1999) Blue Flux gets ready for the new millennium with "Millions are numb", a mini CD–although its length is quite extensive - that has had a great success in channels like and other similar ones.


And what music does Blue Flux do?. I particularly believe that it is a quite original proposal based on electronic and spacy elements like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and even Eloy) and over those are developed structures that can remind the most ethereal Floyd. We must only listen to the first track of the CD, "Bridging the gap (Millennium Mix)" (14:46) to realize it since it condenses the references mentioned in an exquisite and very relaxing song (no new age), full of whispering guitars, oceans of synthesizers and very well done changes of atmospheres.

Less experimental is "Atlantis" (7:40), first sung track of the CD, but it is highly interesting because of the combination of acoustic elements (guitar) and electronic atmospheres that reminds me to Eloy again. The situation is normalized again with "Glass Walls" (5:53), a rhythmic track with a leiv motiv on which the different instruments add their own contribution. It´s certainly curious to see the easiness of the instruments combining different synthesizer sounds and guitars, besides the original percussion, so the track is full of interesting moments. A beautiful piano decorated with synthesizer effects is the prelude to "Big Sleep" (7:13). The voice enters –with a great vocal melody - and the relax and the melodies come to the listener´s mind. Very beautiful and descriptive. The final track is "Bridging the gap (radio mix)" (4:58), a little worse than the long version (it usually happens in these cases)


In definitive, "Millions are numb" is 40 minutes of electronic music. More than 90% of compositions of this genre have no "soul" but this CD has a high quantity of feeling because the music has all kind of the necessary condiments to keep the listener happy without any boring moment.

Of course those who like relaxing and calm sounds, and, of course, music played by synthesizers, here they have a sure bet, but Blue Flux it is something more than that. I want to listen their previous works.

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Alfonso Algora - August 2000 -   - Enthalpy