Believe - VII Widows - 2017


“... an album with a consistent quality level ...”


“VII Widows” is the sixth studio album from the Polish progressive rock band Believe. The band is a project of former Collage guitarist Mirek Gil. Most of you will remember their masterpiece “Moonshine”. Since their foundation in 2004 Believe has had various changes in staff. But because of the specific guitar sound of founder Mirek Gil the band has always had a recognizable style. The new singer Lukasz Ociepa and the new violin and keyboard player Satomi are an enrichment to the sound of Believe. Especially the addition of the violin to their musical pallet is working fine. Expect beautiful guitar/violin duets on this fine album.


Lukasz Ociepa - vocals; Mirek Gil - guitars; Satomi Yasutanya - violin, keyboards; Przemas Zawadzki - bass; Robert “Qba” Kubajek - drums


As the title “VII Widows” already indicates, you can find seven tracks on this album. All the songs have a duration of eight minutes or more and have no titles. The tracks are simply numbered (I - VII). Probably this album is not a concept album but there is definitely a theme. The theme of loss, pain and regret runs throughout this album.

The album opens with a track (I) of almost 11 minutes. After an atmospheric keyboard opening we hear for the first time the melodic and soaring guitar sound of Mirek Gil. The combination of the melodic guitar parts and the violin works very well. When both players are playing a melody together you get a a beautiful full sound. The new singer Łukasz Ociepa also fits well with the sound of the band. The violin is also responsible for the classical elements in the music. Also in the next two tracks (II & III) you can find beautiful guitar work. The music is melodic and accessible. I would describe it as a mixture of Neo Prog and Art Rock. I am positive surprised by the quality and the consistency of the   whole album. You can find beautiful melodies on this album. One of the highlights of the album is the long (11:43) forth track. The great opening will attract the fans of Collage and Satellite. This long track has the needed diversity. The track has powerful moments with great drumming and soaring guitar work but also more mellow parts with melodic vocal parts. In the last four minutes the violin has the leading role. Beautiful track! In the fifth track (V) we can enjoy a freaky guitar solo of Mirek Gil. But in overall he plays for the compositions on this album. The last part (VI &VII) of the album is very strong. Again you can find the most beautiful melodies and wonderful violin and guitar parts in those tracks. The last track (VII) is my personal favorite song. It all comes together in this song with a melancholic atmosphere. Lovely vocal melodies, beautiful violin and guitar parts and a tension that slowly builds up towards a climax.


What a beautiful album. Despite the dark theme of loss, pain and regret, the music is accessible for a broad audience. “VII Widows” is an album with a consistent quality level. There no weak points. The addition of the violin is an enrichment to the music of Believe. As you probably already expected, this album is a must for the lovers of Collage and Satellite. I am talking about the atmosphere now. The music of Believe is more on the mellow side of the Prog spectrum then the above mentioned bands. “VII Widows” the sixth studio album of Believe is highly recommended by progVisions.

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