Boogie Dreams - Boogie Dreams - 2002


These Catalan guys called Boogie Dreams, come from the nice inland city of Manresa and the band is formed by Nasi Casanovas (guitar and voice), Lluis Coll (trumpet, keys), Ignasi Llovet (percussion), & Marc Torregrosa (bass and voice). And also with the collaboration of Oriol “Txic” Travé (percussion).

Their first work is a bunch of good ideas taken into the light with freshness and skill. Without any pre conceived idea this musicians take us through the tracks of the andorran prog group Hysteriofunk, so we can find, the combination of the best catalan pop rock, a funky rhythm section and the most influential prog style of this last decade, King Crimson.


It’s a record to enjoy from its first note, thanks to the fact that most of the songs are short and varied, however, this does not make it easy to listen to if you are not into the most open-minded progressive music style. I think its best thing is this rhythm section that is so dynamic and which maintains a constant and tense feeling.

The record begins with “Sintonia” a theme that transport us to those sixties police series which some of us had watched when we were kids, but also with an interesting middle passage that take the music to some great moments of Frippian notes. The second piece has got a perfect title which is “Trepidante”, because apart from the smooth and delicious keys fragment, it starts and ends with a great drum machine and bass. And at this point I’d like to put some emphasis on Ignasi’s drums which are very lastic and hard edged, reminding me the masterful playing of Bruford or even Lluis Rodriguez from the also Catalan band Difícil Equilibrio.

The next song is “Papagayo”, a piece full of latin topics and that could be signed by Carlos Santana. It follows with the quite complex - in spite of his short lasting (only 4:50 minutes) called “Judith desfase”. After the a little swing homage title“Kitchen Blues and Fucking Bard” we can find a very good piece with oriental hints called “Agrosh Kun Ovo”, one of my favorites.“Kiss me”, is not the most interesting thing of the album (but it does fit well enough in it) and precedes “Carnaval Feber” a cut that reminds me of the mad tropical trips of E.L.P.

A especial mention could be done to “Driving faster”, which is completely funky, and which, although it seems impossible to fit, it doesn’t spoil anything with a great fresh tune. Finally we find “Bibian’s Bailala”, the longest theme (12:35) although it is structured by two different parts, and is devided by a little surprise that i’m not telling you. The first part is fast and I would describe it as a combination of Difícil Equilibrio and Omni (can you imagine?); the second one is more jazzy and with a more relaxed environment, it’s a good end leaving us a very good taste and willing to repeat the experience.


To conclude I would say that this is a very good introduction record from a band, which within a sort period of time, could be a well known among progressive lovers. If you’d like to get a CD or contact with them you can do it at the tel. number (34) 93-835 82 66 or by e-mail to

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