Aquarius - Tailor made + Straitjacket - 2000


Internet allows you to contact a lot of strange and original people. One of the most original -and honest, as I will explain to you later on- I have been able to find lately is Mr. Patrick Green, a multi-instrumentalist and North American composer that reckons to have quite disparate influences (The man from Utopia, ELP, Roger Waters, John Williams, Stravinsky, dadaism, cubism, Rush,…), so you can make yourselves an idea of what we can find in the CD. "Total Eclecticism", constant surprise, vital restlessness and a lot of sense of humor in a CD in which -I love this - you never know what will happen in the following song or what the following 10 seconds will bring.


From certain doses of krautrock in "Der spacey telefon" and "THanX for the cigar" (hey, a great title), until funny games and noises in "Retentive nasal crunch" or "Bouncer durk", and also including a homage to the 80’s pop decade (Devo) in "Triangle" or "We" (with something of RHCP); the percussive-extraterrestrial experiment of "The O.X. Files"; funk in "I wanna funk"; and playful hymns as "Rondetta vega" or "Kristi Bol".

As sample of the best moments of the album we have "The third factor", simply an original and tremendously progressive display of keyboards that mixes pop melodies, blinks to the 70´s, killing guitar riffs, smooth pianos, treated voices, noises, etc... really, incredible. Another interesting piece is "I believe in wood" (almost 8 minutes) with a flavor to Las Vegas and a film background, Latin-Caribbean rhythms. And so you see that this nice man has the capacity to play sensitive pieces we have a nice treasure "The robe", a very beautiful ballad with Beatles’ influences that ends in another discharge of keyboards called "Marble-coated + destiny".


So this is the particular world of Aquarius-Patrick Green. A quite interesting CD for all those have a wide vision of what is music and don't care to listen to 3.000 influences mixed in just one work. In addition, if you are interested by this Tailor made + Straitjacket you have no excuse. Mr. Green makes a deal with you: first he sends the CD… you listen to it and, if you like it, you send him 15 $; otherwise you return him the CD and you remain as friends… more honest, impossible.

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