Anamor - Za Witrazem - 2018


“... triumphant return of one of the finest Polish bands ...”


“Za Witrazem” is the second album of Polish band Anamor. Their debut album “Imaginacje” (2003) was a little gem that was only know by a select amount of progressive rock fans. So I was very exited to hear that there would be a new album this year. But their history goes far more back then you would think. The band was founded in the year 1995 and made some demos in the following years. After sharing the stage with bands like Abraxas and Quidam in the year 1999 and receiving positive reviews the band decided to record their debut album “Imaginacje” that would be released by the band themselves in the year 2003. Then we lost track of the band who played a kind of laid back Art Rock / Neo Prog. After a long period of silence the band presents 9 new songs on their new album entitled “Za Witrazem”. An album that has been released on the Polish quality label Lynx Music of Millenium founder Ryszard Kramarski.


Marta Glowacka - vocals; Maciek Karczewski - keyboards; Roman Kusy - bass; Marek Misiak - guitars; Jurek Misiak - drums; Marcin Ozimek - keyboards


Not sure about the English translation but “Za Witrazem” (“Behind stained-glass windows”) opens with a nine minute long song with the title “W Gore”. You will immediately notice the strong points of their music. They have two keyboard players (Maciek Karczewski and Marcin Ozimek) who are laying down beautiful layers of keyboard strings and a guitar player (Marek Misiak) who can play besides the rock stuff also those melodic and soaring guitar solo’s. And in the person of Marta Glowacka they have a remarkable singer. Expect a crystal clear voice with a broad range that often reminds me of the voice that you can hear on the early Quidam albums (Emila Derkowska). The resemblance to the music of Quidam is sometimes very strong. For example in the next song “Pod prad”. I had to think of my favorite Quidam album “The Time Beneath The Sky”. Yes I will have your full attention now. Anamor presents music with the same high quality level of musician craftsmanship. In Vitree melodic guitar parts alternate with more Rock oriented parts. In those parts the music becomes more powerful. In that way the transition to the next slow song “Stars” with a delicate opening becomes more magical. It is the only song with English lyrics. Halfway the song the soft character of the song is changed by some rock edged guitar parts. Luckily the next song “Pusty List” is again sung in Polish. You will know my opinion about this matter, bands who are making music with vocals in their native language are producing music with a kind of local atmosphere ... the music benefits from this. “Podroz do Wredy” opens delicately with an atmospheric piano part and some melodic guitar parts before we can hear the Angelic voice of Marta Glowacka again. You can find the most beautiful melodies in this track. I am impressed by the diversity of the guitar playing of Marek Misiak. Often you can hear multi layered guitar parts on this album. The more edgy and rhythm guitar parts next to the melodic and soaring guitar parts. Those beautiful guitar melodies you can also find in “Szmaragdowo (Intro)”. “Szmaragdowo” itself has beautiful vocal melodies and lovely synth parts. The keyboard work is playing an important role on this album. But it is done in a way that it is supporting the compositions and the music in overall. You will not find freaky keyboard solo’s on this album. But because of the supporting role of these tasteful and important keyboard layers the guitarist and vocalist can shine even more. The same counts for the rhythm section. It is all about the music. This wonderful album comes to an end with the title track “Za Witrazem”. Nine and a half minute of delicious Art Rock / Neo Prog with beautiful melodies from first class musicians and a remarkable vocalist.


Well I am delighted to inform you about the triumphant return of one of the finest Polish bands who are making a kind of Art Rock / Neo Prog that resides on the mellow side of the progressive rock spectrum. If you like the early days of that other Polish band Quidam ... this one is for you. Of course there are differences in their music but if you like that kind of atmosphere I am sure you will like the music of Anamor also. For people who have their debut album “Imaginacje” this “Za Witrazem” album is a must buy. Highly recommended by progVisions.

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Douwe Fledderus - November 2018 -   - Lynx Music