Anyone´s Daughter - Wrong - 2004


When I wrote Saga´s “Network” review, I stated that in Germany almost everybody can be successful because there is room enough. This sentence could be also used for Anyone´s Daughter if “Wrong” had some success. Sincerely I doubt it because nowadays Anyone´s Daughter only keeps the name and the weight of its glorious past of great progressive-sympho rock.

When the band released “comeback” “Danger World” (01) they surprised us two new members, bassist Raoul Walton and singer André Carswell. Both guys are black and from USA, so the “feeling” and “soul” ghost planned throughout an album that was almost unnoticed in progressive scene and media.

Anyway I suppose the album had some success because if doesn´t I can´t explain the release of “Wrong” (there is even a special edition) with the same line up: original members Uwe Karpa (guitars), Matthias Ulmer (keys), plus drummer Peter Kumpf.


Anyone´s Daughter has a very curious path behind because they´ve released three masterpieces - “Adonis” (79), “Anyone's Daughter” (80) and mainly “Piktors Verwandlungen” (81) – and all media agreed they were going to keep on carrying the flame of the “golden age”, but suddenly they lost the way with the irregular “In Blau” (82) and “Neue Sterne” (83). So there´s nothing of that German band compared to Eloy or Grobschnitt.

I must admit that the album is a 100% solid product wish good songs, nice arrangements and wonderful sound. They even mislead us with two opening tracks – “The Wrong” (7:28) and “Miscellaneous” (6:12) – with some progressive content and healthy guitar energy. “The Wrong” is a good song with brilliant instrumental moments, but I think Carswell´s “soul” voice doesn´t fit into this genre – it reminds me Paul Carrack -, and “Miscellaneus” has a nice instrumental intermezzo.

The rest of the album?. Well, only pop-rock with progressive bindings here and there and good guitar work, but that´s all. Honestly I think tracks like “Happy go lucky” (4:27) or “Out of this world” (5:44) have been born to hit German charts, but I think progressive fans will ask for more.


I insist this is not a bad album, but this is not progressive rock and this is not Anyone´s Daughter you can think of. If your progressive standards are blocked beyond Asia or Saga, you´ll enjoy this album. If not ... well, we should listen to everything, shouldn´t we?.

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Alfonso Algora - October 2004 -   - Tempus Fugit [Inside Out]