After @ All - Chameleon - 2000


"We don't like our music being labelled, therefore we use a new category we created:

f u t u r o c k

to describe our unique, futuristic, progressive (really pointing forward) modern-rock music"

After @ All is a Hungarian band founded in 1996. After "To many, peace is…" (1997), "acolorindark" CD-single (1998), "Power Hung(a)ry" (1999), "ACID LP" (2001) they released another CD-single: "Chameleon".

The band:
Oláh Szabolcs - vocal, percussion, programming Csontos Krisztián - guitars, vocal, programming Czapár János - keyboard, sampling Raffay Zsolt - bass Nagy Viktor - drums.


The CD opens with King Crimson guitars in the track "Synthetic" but after 30 seconds all hell breaks loose with fast and hard guitars and a singer who is screaming. I don't like this shit (Grunt vocals). It is a mix of heavy metal with the complexity of King Crimson and some art rock/prog keyboard sounds. The second track "Chameleon" opens with keyboard-piano combined with the King Crimson like guitars and the song develops into an up tempo song with vocals sung in the James Labrie style of Dream Theater. I like this song better than the first one but I prefer to play one of my Dream Theater albums. Both songs are also in an "edit" version on this CD-single.


The boys can play their instruments. It is all very up tempo, complicated and neurotic. But two songs is not a good basis to give a good impression and write a review. Instead of 10 pages biography and two songs, next time send me 2 pages and 10 songs!

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Douwe Fledderus - October 2001 -   - Periferic Records