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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

concert review

Symphony X & HeadLine
- El Divino Aqualung, Madrid - 31 October - 2003

After their “mini” gig back in April with Stratovarius, Symphony X are back in tour this time headlining with Headline as openers in Europe and Devin Townsend opening in U.S.A.. This time the venue was El Divino Aqualung and we all were waiting for a sold out, it didn’t happen thou, let’s say it was a “half sold out”. It could be much worse because 5 minutes before the doors opening there were less than 100 people. Aqualung is kind of a pub/club so , being a Friday, all should be done before 23:30, otherwise the owner would switch the power off. So the setlist was about 1 hour and a half and they didn’t take a break between songs.

Headline opened. A french band, fairly well known by most of the crowd (I got surprised nonetheless) but incredibly boring. After a couple of songs I didn’t pay attention that much. Their song dedicated to Beethoven was too much for me.

After 5 minutes, (taking Headline’s drumkit out, etc) Symphony X came to the stage. Russell Allen was awesome, as it was the rest of the band. They seemed really comfortable and suddenly began with “Inferno”. The crowd began to scream and the band got the crowd in their pocket since the first song until the end. Everything went ok. Their sound problems in the past tour disappeared thou I think they still play too loud. Michael Romeo loves playing loud, what we gotta do! Russell did a demonstration of why some people (me included) think that he is one of the best metal singers of nowadays. He hit all the notes and he became the authentic frontman of the night. His “acting” in “Smoke and Mirrors” and “King Of Terrors” was superb. After the setlist, which was the same as the Stratovarius tour, the highlight of the night came. The intro for “The Odyssey” began and people got crazy. I got kinda surprised because the intro wasn’t overdubbed. Pinnella and the rest of the band managed to play it live and they did a very decent job. Of course the best part was the final one, when in “Champion Of The Ithaca” Russell seemed to lead a legion in a war. They finished in a hurry due to the venue’s owner restriction but they promised to come back to make a more “epic” setlist.

“Inferno Wicked”
“Communion And the oracle”
“King Of Terrors”
“Accolade 1 / Accolade 2”
“Smoke And Mirrors”
“Out Of The Ashes”
“Sea Of Lies”
“Of Sins And Shadows”
“The Odyssey”


Luis Vélez - November 2003


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